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Many of us take a multivitamin in order to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Although that certainly is a good idea, there are going to be times when a multivitamin is not going to be enough for your condition. When you are experiencing difficulties that cannot be overcome by the use of a multivitamin, you can use nutritional IV therapy in order to get the vitamins and nutrients that you need in larger doses. Nutritional IV therapy is available in the San Gabriel, Monterey Park and Rosemead, CA areas through Dr. Clement Lee ND, a Naturopathic doctor that deals in holistic medicine and natural pain relief.

There many different problems that are experienced by people and you may benefit from nutritional IV therapy if you are experiencing those difficulties. For example, if you have been experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress or if you are feeling as if you are burnt out, you may benefit from the additional vitamins and nutrients that are provided. It can also help those who have recently undergone surgery, Parkinson’s disease, if you work regularly with the public, or if you are on prescription medications. Even individuals who have liver problems and hepatitis C may benefit from nutritional IV therapy. Why is that the case?

Just as a multivitamin brings some of the vitamins and nutrients to the body that may not easily be found in the foods that you eat, you can get those vitamins and nutrients in larger levels when using nutrient IV therapy. Not only are the higher levels of those vitamins and nutrients able to be given intravenously, it also helps them to be absorbed in the body in greater numbers. If you take a multivitamin, it must go through the digestive process in order to deliver the vitamins that your body needs. By having an intravenous injection of those vitamins, you are going to bypass the digestive process, making it easier for your body to get what it needs.

The type of nutritional IV therapy that is given is going to differ from one individual to another. That is because each of us have specific needs for our health, and there are times when you may need a higher level of certain nutrients that are not needed by somebody with a different health condition. The nutrients that are provided, however, are beneficial for individuals in order to maintain optimum health. They are also beneficial because in most cases, the foods that we eat are processed to the point where we do not get the benefits that we need from them.

The benefits that you receive from the nutritional IV therapy given by Dr. Lee will be easily detected. You will find that you are able to overcome many of the problems that you are experiencing, if they are related to a vitamin or nutrient deficiency in the body. You also find that you are benefiting because of the additional energy that is provided when your body receives these levels of nutrients.

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