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Our body undergoes quite a transformation throughout our lifetime. As we get older, it begins to show the signs of aging in the wrinkles and lines that are on our face. In addition, we may see other problems with our skin during that time, such as sagging, which takes place when the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Even the color of our skin may begin to change. Although this is considered to be a natural process, it is one that you do not need to take lying down. Dr. Clement Lee ND, a Naturopathic medical doctor operating in the Monterey Park and San Gabriel Valley, CA. area can help you with some medical skincare and beauty treatments that will have you looking and feeling younger.

It is important for you to understand some of the science behind aging, as it will allow you to see why you may be experiencing some of your difficulties. The body holds on to key nutrients but it does so less effectively as you get older. In addition, we may be losing chemicals in the body, such as collagen which help the skin to retain moisture and serve other key functions in the body. Even exposure to the elements and to toxins in the world around us can have an effect that will be noticeable as we get older. What can Dr. Lee do to help you with your natural skin care and provide you with the anti-aging beauty that you desire?

First of all, it is going to be necessary for you to have a consultation, during which time you will be assessed to see what type of treatments will be best for your specific needs. Not only will you have your hormone levels checked during that time, you will also have your cortisol and thyroid markers checked as well. After seeing you and running those tests, a specialized plan can be formulated which will help to get your body back into balance. As the hormones and other chemicals in the body are balanced properly, you will find that you are not only looking better, you are also feeling better viagra prisfald.

Another thing that will be considered during your medical beauty treatment is the hyperpigmentation that may exist on your skin. All of us have melanin in our skin, a chemical which gives us our distinctive color. As we get older, that melanin may increase in areas due to overexposure from the sun, smoking and other issues. That increase becomes age spots, something that most of us would like to live without. Dr. Clement Lee ND will check your skin for those difficulties and provides you with a step-by-step treatment which may include the use of vitamins and minerals, super foods and even enzymes.

It doesn’t matter if you live in San Gabriel Valley, Rosemead or Alhambra, you can benefit from the Naturopathic treatments that are available from Dr. Lee. He can help you to have the plan in place that is necessary to get your skin back on track again.

Disclaimer:  Contents of this site are for education purposes only.  They are not intended to diagnose or treat in any way.  Please consult with your healthcare provider before initiating treatment.


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