• Exceptional Therapy to Reduce Arterial Plaque

    "Dr. Lee provided a Di-Potassium Magnesium EDTA intravenous therapy that radically improved my circulation, lowered my blood pressure, and reduced arterial plaque. I am very grateful and highly recommend Dr. Lee and this therapy with anyone suffering from arterial or kidney calcification -- this therapy can save your life and help you avoid heart and kidney problems. 6 STARS."
    Christopher B.

    "I had a dislocated shoulder and scheduled for a surgery. My father recommended Dr. Lee and visited his clinic. He gave me an option to surgery which was Prolotherapy. Right away, I started my treatment. After several weeks, I was healed. No need for surgery anymore. Thanks to Dr. Lee, my shoulder is back to normal. Amazing doctor, will definitely recommend!"
    Todd B.
  • Effective Treatments. Great Staff!

    "A while ago, I partially tore my right hamstrings. Dr. Lee is an old friend of mine and I figured I would give it a shot as I have never been to a doctor of his type before. I went in and he administered Prolotherapy and massaged the crap out of my hamstrings. The tearing was pretty bad but within a week I was surprised to be able to JOG. Then in about a two weeks I was able to run 1.5 miles in a little under 12 minutes. recovery time was amazing and now I refer all my friends that have physical injuries to Dr. Lee."
    Mitchell R.

Feedback from our patients

Susie S.

Definitely Recommend Dr Clement Lee

"The HCG diet works, vitamins & supplements are the best. I've been coming to Dr's office now for over a year & am very happy with the services that are provided."  

The Best Doctor Ever!!


5 out of 5 - by Nancy T. on May 24, 2013

Dr. Clement Lee is probably the best doctor I have ever been to in my entire life! If you ever get sick or feel like you're getting sick, you absolutely need to pay a visit to Dr. Clement!!!

As soon as I wake up with a sore throat or feel miserable, I immediately go see Dr. Clement and I feel SO much better. He has Vitamin IV's that are absolutely incredible, as they are filled with all of the proper nutrients and vitamins that one needs in order to heal. In fact, these babies are soooo amazing that even celebrities get them, in order to avoid getting or staying sick!!! 🙂

Although it may sound a bit scary or intimidating, it's actually far better to administer the IV directly into your veins, in order to bypass your stomach, which allows you to absorb the vitamins faster. This is just one of his healing methods that I highly recommend - it's worked for both me and my fiance EVERY single time! Recently, I got sick with the flu and thanks to a few Vitamin IV's, I was completely healed within less than a week!!! His pricing on the IV's is actually fairly reasonable, considering how amazing and powerful they are.

In addition to the Vitamin IV's, Dr. Clement suggested a lot of other natural protocols to me for rapid healing, including some natural veggie capsules. He has a lot of the best, highest quality vitamins in his office and his pricing is extremely fair. He offers several brands that you absolutely cannot find at your typical health food stores, so it's always worth paying a trip to his office, just to get some of these awesome gems! I sound like a drug addict, but I'm actually just an elated vitamin addict 🙂

Recently, he also kickstarted me on this regimen that helped me to lose some extra weight I've been holding onto! I already feel so much better about myself and my health definitely seems to be improving.

I've also been going to see Dr. Clement for my neck problems, as I have a chronic history of neck pain. I've seen several chiropractors and physical therapists in the past few years, but none of them have been able to help me fully heal! Thus far, my neck has already started to feel a lot more relaxed, but I still need to continue to visit him for continuous chiropractic treatment.

One thing I want to mention is... Dr. Clement is truly a kind and caring guy. He's one of the sweetest people I know and he genuinely cares about his patients, as well as wants to see them succeed. It's obvious that he became a doctor because he really wants to help people - and seriously, you can't beat that level of care!! Dr. Clement is very patient, thorough, and accessible. He constantly answers all of my questions and takes the time to really empower his patients by educating them on what the body does, how it digests food, and how nutrients get absorbed, etc. His approach to medicine is unconventional, in the sense that he never tries to push more medication on you, unlike most doctors who gladly write you a prescription and send you on your way. Instead, he spends hours with you, in order to fully understand your health history and background before he makes any recommendations. And of course, his recommendations are always natural remedies, such as vitamins, lifestyle adjustments, eating habits, etc - so you know they are absolutely safe! He is truly a one of a kind doctor and his treatments have really enhanced my quality of life! "  
Nancy T.

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