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All of us have a need for medical assistance from time to time. It may be that we have a chronic condition which needs to be looked after properly or it could be that we of been injured or are experiencing problems that have us concerned. The problem is that many people who are experiencing these difficulties are without insurance and that can make it hard for them to afford the conventional laboratory testing that is often needed. If you have a need for blood and urine analysis in the Monterey Park or San Gabriel, Ca. area, you can call on the services of Dr. Clement Lee ND, a naturopathic a medical doctor who offers affordable prices for conventional laboratory testing to those who are offering cash payments.

Some people are surprised to learn that a doctor who is able to provide holistic medicine and natural pain relief is also going to provide conventional laboratory testing. The fact of the matter is, Dr. Clement Lee ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor that has completed a postgraduate medical education for natural medicine. Not only is he skillful at treating your pain and other problems naturally, he is also well-versed in diagnosis and treatment of disease.

There are many reasons why you may need to use conventional laboratory testing and call on the services of Dr. Lee in order to do so. In some cases, it is going to be necessary for you to have blood analysis because you are dealing with a specific disease or condition. As an example, many people that have thyroid problems have to have their blood tested regularly to determine their thyroid levels. This is also the case with many other diseases, as much can be learned during the blood analysis process. The same is also true of individuals who must undergo urine analysis. This can also be done for medical reasons but at times, a urine analysis is also necessary if it must be determined that you are not currently using illegal drugs and for a variety of other reasons.

Not only are you going to find it less expensive to use the conventional laboratory testing if you are a cash paying patients, you will find it to be very convenient. Like many naturopathic doctors, Dr. Clement Lee is approachable and you will find that his staff is approachable as well. They are interested, not in making as much money as possible from every individual that walks through their doors but in providing the treatments that are necessary to help them with their ailments. That is a common difference that is seen by those who provide natural pain relief and those who provide the conventional medical treatments, which often focus on prescription medications.

Regardless of whether you need affordable conventional laboratory testing or if you need holistic medicine, you can trust the services of Dr. Clement Lee ND to provide what you need. They have been helping individuals in the San Gabriel Valley, Rosemead, Monterey Park and Alhambra, Ca. area with the natural medicine techniques that they need.

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